Thursday, February 19, 2009

The sounds of silence.

In my otherwise silent night-time apartment I have grown accustom to and comforted by the following noises:

the intermittent tick of the thermostat
the click of my dogs toenails on the wooden floors
(and also her snuffly-snore when she is sleeping)
the hum of the refrigerator
the ebb and flow of the traffic on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway
the whir of my laptop fan


Optimus Primate said...

It's funny how much noise our quiet contains these days, isn't it? We lost power during the storms the other night, and there was a brief period where the noise of the weather subsided. Max had tunneled his way underneath me somehow, and he wasn't making a peep. It was just... silent.

When the power came back on, all of the sounds that I normally associate with silence were really distracting for a while.

C. said...

I love white noise - I think that's what creeps me out about being in the mountains. Besides the bears and dirt.

The Body Electric said...

White noise...aaahhh, what a blessing! ;-) Btw, have you heard Sufjan Stevens new album The BQE? If not, let me know along with your address please!