Saturday, January 27, 2007

Catch... and release.

This morning, while out walking, Jack and I came across the most wonderful bit of sidewalk trash.

One of the many Catholic churches in the neighborhood had thrown out a big, old, wooden pew. One of the very long ones that would hold maybe 8 or 10 people. One of the side-panel-arm-rest-pieces was detached and therefore it was no longer standing on its own. Being that one girl and one dog could not schlep both the cool, carved wood end piece as well as the bench part itself the 4 blocks home, I opted to just take the beautiful (and heavy) end part. It was gorgeous, and I thought I might hang it on the wall of just prop it in a corner.

We passed a guy who asked with a smile "Did you steal that from the church?" and I told him that no, I didn't steal it from the church. But I did steal it from the gutter in front of the church. So we drug the item home, and hauled it upstairs, and then turned around to go back out and continue our walk. When we got back into the park,I could see across the street to the church where someone was now loading the pew (sans decorative end cap) into an orange PT Cruiser. A fellow sidewalk shopper! I ran over to him and asked what he was going to do with it. He said he didn't know, but he couldn't pass it up. I told him I had the other piece. His eyes lit up. "There's another piece?" he asked. I told what I'd taken, and then made the split-second decision that he needed to have that part as well. "Do you want it?" I asked. He very obviously did, so I told him to meet me on our street and I would give it to him.

Jack and I walked home and I hauled the wooden monstrosity back down the stairs and out to the street where the guy and his orange PT Cruiser were waiting. He was so happy. He said we was going to put it back together and make a couch. He also seemed to not comprehend why I was giving up my sidewalk treasure, but I told him the pew would be happier if was all back on one piece. He thanked me again and drove away.

I should've taken a picture before I gave it away, but I didn't.

I wonder if those cool, little old windows are still sitting on the curb over on Humbolt Street...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Okay, winter. We get it.

Actual temperature: 11 degrees.

Feels like: -5.

Ack! Send palm trees and tropical breezes, asap.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the catagory of "overheard"

This is a (fairly accurate) transcript of a conversation that I overheard on the bus this evening. Imagine a girl my age, but with a slightly Americanized British accent. Her phone rings, and it goes a little something like this:

Hello? Hello? Mummy, where are you? No, where are you? What? You're in Dubai! Yes... I'm sorry I missed your call this morning, I was so disappointed! No, no-- it's good that you called. Mummy, I'm on the bus. I'm on the bus because the G train isn't working but it's nice to be above ground, no? I rather like it. Mummy, I have news! You know David? Uncle David? Yes, Uncle David... I've spoken with him, Mummy, I've spoken with him and the most wonderful thing... I'm going to Connecticut, Mummy to see him, but it's because --yes, to Connecticut-- it's because Grandpa's being admitted --no, listen, Mummy-- Grandpa's being admitted to the Hall of Fame! There'll be a ceremony and Uncle David invited me! It's wonderful news! Oh, and Mummy, it was sort of sad today because it was Aria's last day. But she went and got a tattoo today, a tattoo of a red Corvette on her foot, because she loves Prince so much. And Mummy, we all went with her and got tattoos as well. Yes, I got one on my foot... because I really wanted to Mummy, I really did. I got "pula" written in very pretty script. You know, for Botswana. It means so much to me and there really isn't anything more Botswana than "pula." It's so pretty, Mummy. I love it. David got a skull on his hand, and Heather put "mother" on her back. And Jeff got a little triangle on his wrist. Yes, a triangle. It's for protection, he says. But I'm just so exhausted Mummy, we were there for six hours. It just takes so much energy, and I went last. I'm just so tired. It hurt so much I screamed the whole time. Yes, Mummy, I'm so glad you phoned. I'm so glad. Have a lovely trip and I love you massive amounts. Massive amounts! I love you. I love you. Mummy, I love you. Okay. Bye then.

It was quite an interestinf conversation to overhear.

I heart NY.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January Check Up

For the record, I did not smell any weird smells the other day, despite what all the news shows said about New York being smelling-like with natural gas. Then again, I was in Brooklyn... specifcally Greenpoint, which is always smelly. Smelly like bums and and booze, but that's what makes it charming. Oops, I mean cheap.

Let's see... what else. Went into Manhattan today, and it was COLD! We actually had flurries this morning, thanks be to the weather gods.

While my better half had a meeting to go to, I tried to find a new pair of pants at Urban Outfitters. Which ended up just making me feel old and grumpy, because their music was too loud and all the pants too weird. And my back and shoulders hurt, so I grabbed some clothes that I didn't even really want to try on and went into the dressing room, where I proceeded to do yoga stretches.

My latest celebrity sighting was a few weeks ago in Brooklyn; I saw Heath Ledger. He didn't recognize me.

We through the Christnmas tree out the window the other night. It was dropping needles like... well, like a tree that's been up for a month. We did it in the dark of the night and then my landlords cleaned up the needle mess outside before I could. I felt bad and apologized.

We watched "Little Miss Sunshine" and "An Inconvenient Truth". Both good; but not everyone will like them as much as I did. The Al Gore movie convinced me to buy those expensive light bulbs that use less energy and last five years. And of course, to continue walking everywhere and taking the subway. But since I'm too terrified to drive anywhere, I guess that wasn't really a problem.

Most of family probably thinks I'm delinquent because I didn't get the holiday presents out in time. So sorry about that, but I have been literally working my butt off and my husband is trying to get into a PhD program, so we've had our hands full. Hopefully none of you are offended by the fact that your Christmas has been extended a bit.

Ugh, this blog is really boring. Sorry 'bout that, it's late and I'm sleepy. But I miss you all desperately!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where's my East Coast winter?

Not much is happening these days in our neck of the woods. Lots of working (for me, anyway. My other half is on winter break from the University.) We spend our days off together wandering around the hood or going into Manhattan to see movies or museums or just hang about.

What's really weird about all of this is the fact that it has been an average of 50 degrees here in New York, every day for the past few weeks. As most of you know, I grew up in Fresno and therefore never had a real "winter". Just dampness and fog. Lots of fog. Some mornings, you can't see the house across the street. It's a special kind of quiet that goes with that kind of fog, and I kind of miss it.

Then I moved to other parts of the country where they have seasons and where winter means more than just fog... it means snow! Snow like you see in movies... and I fell in love. I fell in love with all kinds of snow and with real cold. It's a beautiful thing. Snow on the beach in Chicago... Snow even made Arlington, Virginia an acceptable place to live. (The picture was taken in February of 2006 in Arlington.)

But there has been nary a flake here in the New York City. We haven't gone this far into winter without snow since 1887 (or something close to that.) People, it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Friday. Al Gore might be right about the Republicans causing such intense global warming. (That is what his movie is about, right?) Anyway, tonight I don't have anything insightful or deep to say about New York life or life in general, I just really wish it would get cold and snow.

Now, without furthur ado, is a picture of Jack wearing twinkly Christmas lights.