Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Photos, Happy Camera

All of these pictures were taken today, most were shot in my neighborhood. So without further ado, I present to you "Wednesday: A Photographic Frolic."

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Tide (Subway) is High

Don't let the stories that you might hear fool you -- the New York City subways are not always jammed with freaks and urchins. Sometimes they are full of really boring, normal people who offer no interest to my daily ride/rides.

And sometimes, you're sitting there minding your business and on wanders the following:

Two relatively average-looking people who happen to be wearing knee-high yellow rubber boots, captains hats, and bright orange life vests. They also happen to be carrying huge, 8 foot oars and syrafoam lifesaver-esque floatation devices.

I don't think that they were trying to save anyone's life. They weren't moving all that quickly. Perhaps they were just well-prepared, in the event of an water landing emergency.

And I was ill-prepapred, as I didn't have my camera. Again.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Did I really already go to California? Did I already come home? It was so fast and such a blur. Too bad. I need to make longer visits more often. I came home and went straight back to work and haven't really looked up since.

Today I...

...had to take the subway all the way from Brooklyn into Manhattan and then back into Brooklyn to go to work. (Weekend track work on my usual line.)

...saw a girl sobbing on the corner by my store, and by the time I got tissues and ran outside to give them to her she was gone.

...heard a guy singing "Somewhere" from West Side Story off-key in the subway. It was cool.

...did invitations for a client who is getting married at the UN.

...opened a package containing a lovely piece of art that I purchased from the Mississippi artist that I mentioned a while back.

...thought about starting a charity for people who don't have enough money for their vet bills when thier dogs and cats get sick.

...saw a little boy eating a grilled cheese sandwich and it looked so good I got myself one from the diner down the street.

...was forgiven by aforementioned diner for being thirty cents short for aforementioned grilled cheese.

...wore green striped long johns under my jeans.

Tomorrow, I will do more.