Monday, February 11, 2008

The latest

Yesterday Husband and I went to the Met to see the Jasper Johns exhibit. At the Met, you "pay what you wish" for an admissions fee. I wish to pay a lot less than the suggested $20 per person, so I paid $5. Let the tourists get guilted into paying full price. When I lived in the Washington DC area, the museums were free, and that is a train I can get on board.

Anywhoo, the Met was very crowded and the Jasper Johns exhibit was especially crowded. I marveled at how people don't seem to mind bumping into a pregnant belly. Rather, they don't care to apologize when they do. I spent much of the gallery time trying to suck in the belly and schootch by the crowds. (For the record, it is hard to suck in a baby belly on the cusp of the third trimester.)

Some funny conversations overheard yesterday...

On the L train going from Brooklyn to Manhattan:

Hipster Girl: So I forgot to go to the specific bakery that she wanted me to, so I went to another one and got the stuff. And then I told her that the one she liked was closed, so I went to another one. And then do you know what she did? She actually called the first one and asked if they were closed, and then told me that they weren't. I mean, I know I lied and all, but seriously... this is what you do with your time? I mean, god. So anyway, whatever."

And at a diner on the Upper East Side:

Middle-aged guy: Here I am having to wear this vest everynight that sends electric shocks to my chest, all the while monitoring my blood sugar and having to give myself shots for it, too. And as I sit in my big, gorgeous house that I worked so hard for, I just keep thinking that if I'd just have spent the past few years working on my marriage instead, I wouldn't have to be thinking about my wife and her new boyfriend enjoying eachothers' comapny down in St. Lucia."

Sometimes living in New York is like being a character in a Woody Allen movie. It really is.

The wind chill here got down to like -5 degrees last night. Bring on Spring, please!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


A very specific list of my favorite places in New York City, in no particular order (some I may have mentioned before):

1. Traveling north (or is it east?) on the Brooklyn/Queens Exwy from lower Brooklyn just as the Brooklyn Bridge appears. It is one of the most fantastic views of lower Manhattan and you get a glorious look at the majestic Bridge (and then you drinve under part of it.)

2. Sitting on the benches that face the water at the very tip of Battery Park. I like to look out past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and imagine history.

3. In Central Park, standing on the East side of the Resivior looking across it to the West Side of Manhattan. It's very cinematic. It also reminds me of summertime because we walk around the Resivior all the time in the summer.

4. Coming out of the tunnel on the F train right before Smith and 9th streets. If you look to the right you can see the Statue of Liberty in the harbor and again, I imagine the historical aspect. I also like to look into peoples condo windows as the train goes by. I especially like the one condo that has the big piano.

5. The corner table by the window at the Veselka on the Lower East Side. It's kind of like the Ukranian Denny's.

6. The spot in the park right by our house where you can see the lights from both the Empire State Building and the Chrystler Building. Jack usually pees here. It's an important spot.

I'm sure there are others, but that's what I was thinking of now...